The Influence of Tax Policy to Income Distribution: Indonesia Case


  • Mochamad Muslih STIE Tri Bhakti
  • Dominik Tulasi STIE Tri Bhakti
  • Soleha Soleha STIE Tri Bhakti
  • Martina Uli Uli Silalahi STIE Tri Bhakti
  • Gianti Putri Satgas Wali STIE Tri Bhakti


Kata Kunci:

Taxation, Income Tax, Gini Ratio.


One of the objectives of regulating taxation in Indonesia is to regulate the
Indonesian economy. One of the taxation instruments used to drive the
Indonesian economy is income tax. The purpose of this study is to study the
effect of tax arrangements in Indonesia on the performance of the
Indonesian economy. The method used is a quantitative method. The
population is taxpayers in Indonesia. The selection of sample areas is
carried out randomly. A total of 5 (five) cities in Indonesia were selected as
samples. The results showed that taxation policies in Indonesia have not yet
encouraged the distribution of public income

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Mochamad Muslih, STIE Tri Bhakti

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Dominik Tulasi, STIE Tri Bhakti

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Soleha Soleha, STIE Tri Bhakti

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Martina Uli Uli Silalahi, STIE Tri Bhakti

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Gianti Putri Satgas Wali, STIE Tri Bhakti

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